50hr Aerial Restorative Teacher Training



Join Marilena Shyama Shakti and her team in a 4 day intensive, Restorative Aerial Yoga teacher training. It will be held in Cyprus.

We live in a hectic society with a lot of stress and pressure, that mostly we are unaware of how deep the effects of stress can go into our body etc. Restorative Yoga and Aerial can offer us the space, time and tools to realize and release tension, stress etc. It is a passive practice meant to activate the body’s relaxation response and healing abilities by offering an environment of ease and effortlessness.  In a Restorative Aerial Yoga class, the poses are held between five and twenty minutes aiming to give time and space for the organism to understand what it needs to do to relax and restore. The postures are supported by the hammock and other props. The benefit of each pose, the therapeutic aspects and energy flow of the poses will be explored.

Restorative aerial yoga is practiced with the hammock as a prop and support, and involves only a handful of restorative poses you’ll hold for extended periods of time — but you’ll really connect your mind with your body. Restorative Aerial Yoga can be practice in different levels of the hammock form the flour aiming to open the body, release pain, restore and balance, release stress and help us with mood changes or emotional blockages.

Course Pre-Requisites

Anyone who have a sincere practice in yoga for minimum 3 years with us or not, is welcome to take part in this course.

Teacher & Team

All TTC are created by teachers and trainings keep inside their heart and experience and love for what they offer! Marilena Shyama Shakti CYT® is an artist and yoga-tantra-meditation teacher who started practicing yoga since the age of 15. Restorative Aerial Yoga TTC is a result of years of personal practice, teaching and experience with older students, handicap people, people with body issues and pregnant women. As a mindfulness meditation teacher she attach into this training many techniques that can lead to deeper release of tension, anxiety, stress, depression etc. Marilena understanding of uniqueness of each individual and her love to support and offer the best to everyone, have given her the strength to teach her own way.

Structure of the course

The course lasts for 2 long weekends, 6 days all. The course has practical exams in teaching a class. The aspirants who pass the exam and therefore graduate will receive a diploma, which entitles them to teach. Our aim is not to stress our students but to offer them the best education and preparation to teach further.


This training is 50 hours continuing education training, accredited by International Yoga Alliance.


Training will take place at Akasha Studio and various places in Cyprus in a form of a retreat.


Yoga & Aerial Introduction / History of Yoga & Restorative Yoga / Sequencing restorative aerial / Holding space / Subtle Body & Healing process / Alignment / Safety Principals / Tone of voice and how to demonstrate / Hammock and other props needed and how to properly use them / Organization of students, props, and space / Adjustments for Pregnancy & Postpartum / Mindfulness and Visualization during the practice / Relaxation with the use of hammock / Energy flow.

Format – Prerequisite:

  • long weekend format – 4 days TTC
  • Interview with Marilena Shyama Shakti required
  • Application Form required
  • Sincere practice in yoga for minimum 3 years and / or minimum 200hr Teacher Training Diploma required


  • Early Bird €450
  • Regular Price €550
  • Deposit of €300 along with your application is needed to hold your spot on the training.
  • Please see our Cancellation Policy

How to Apply step by step:

  • Download and submit your Application Form along with your application fee of 300 Euro (non – refundable).
  • You can submit your application via email and pay the application fee.
  • We will then contact you within 7 days of receiving your application.


  • June 2022

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • If for any reason you cannot attend the course and have to cancel, the first payment of 300 Euros is always Non-Refundable.
  • If you have paid all the course fees and for any reason you have to cancel this is the policy then 50% is non refundable.
  • Once the programme has started Silentruth Institute TTC issues no refunds for trainings.
  • Understanding always applies to every situation individually.

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