300hr SILENTHEALING Teacher Training



If you are ready to take your life, practice and inner self deeper, more meaningful level of being, a healthier version of you and to share with others the profoundly transforming path of inner arts, then you can share uniqueness with us during our trainings. Join Marilena Shyama Shakti and her team to a multi transformational teacher training course, a journey to inner arts, yoga, meditation, prayer, sound, healing, fine arts and more!

This Teacher Training on is consist of 5 different Trainings that teach and prepare you to offer adaptive, therapeutic and healing aspects of yoga, meditation, energy, arts. Below you will find all 5 Trainings that you need to follow in order to get certified as a SILENTHEALING TEACHER.

Course Pre-Requisites

Anyone who have a sincere practice in meditation, yoga or any inner art for minimum 3 years with us or not, is welcome to take part in this advance course. Course require dedication to ones transformation and evolution, so its important to be open and curious for his/her own inner world and potential.

Teacher & Team

All TTC are created by teachers and trainings keep inside their heart and experience and love for what they offer! Marilena Shyama Shakti CYT® is an artist and yoga-tantra-meditation teacher who started practicing yoga since the age of 15. 500h SILENHEALINGTTC is a result of years of personal practice, teaching and experience with older students, handicap people, people with body issues and pregnant women. As a mindfulness meditation teacher she attach into this training many techniques that can lead to deeper release of tension, anxiety, stress, depression etc. Marilena understanding of uniqueness of each individual and her love to support and offer the best to everyone, have given her the strength to teach her own way.

Structure of the course

The course lasts for two years and consists of 5 different modules. The course has two exams in both theory and practice. The first exam takes place after the first year and the final exam at the end of the course. The final exam also includes a thesis about a topic that will be chosen together with the teacher and the student. In case, the final exam is not or cannot be taken, it can be repeated. The aspirants who pass the exam and therefore graduate will receive a diploma, which entitles them to teach. Our aim is not to stress our students but to offer them the best education and preparation to teach further. We are always understanding and helpful to everyone.


This training is 500 hour Teacher Training, accredited by Silentruth Institute & International Yoga Alliance.


Training will take place at Akasha Studio and various places in Cyprus in a form of a retreat.


Tantric Hatha Yoga / The art of Shavasana & Relaxation / Tantric Yoga Nidra / Restorative Yoga & Aerial / Pranayama / Kriya / Meditation / Mindfulness / Subtle Anatomy Philosophy of Yoga, Lifestyle and Ethics for Teachers, Diet of a Yogi etc.

Where – Format – Prerequirments:

  • Akasha Studio & Retreat Places over Cyprus
  • Weekend & Retreat Format
  • Interview with Marilena Shyama Shakti required
  • Application Form required
  • Open to all who wish to be well educated to the art & science of Yoga as a Teacher and for all seekers* for personal development and knowledge.
  • * Seekers who will attend to this training for personal development and knowledge will receive a certificate of attendance (for this is not required to pass or take any exams or complete thesis).


  • Early Bird €3000
  • Regular Price €4500
  • Deposit of €400 along with your application is needed to hold your spot on the training.
  • * Payment Plans Available *
  • Please see our Cancellation Policy

How to Apply step by step:

  • Submit your Application Form along with your application fee of 400 Euro (non – refundable).
  • You can submit your application via email and pay the application fee by contacting us.
  • We will then contact you within 7 days of receiving your application to let you know when to arrange a meeting online or in person.

More Info:

Yes you can do it!
We are here to support and quite you to this journey of learning, transforming and deepening!

Training in details:

  • Physical Body:
    Restorative Yoga
    Chair & Props Yoga
    Yoni Yoga
  • Energy Body:
    Deep Shavasana
    The Arts of Relaxation
  • Subtle Body:
    Subtle Yoga
    Tatric Subtle Hatha Yoga
  • Mental Body:
    Tantric Yoga Nidra
  • Spiritual Body:


  • Will be announced!

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • If for any reason you cannot attend the course and have to cancel, the first payment of 400 Euros is always Non-Refundable.
  • If you have paid all the course fees and for any reason you have to cancel this is the policy:
    • If you cancel 6 weeks or more before the start date 1000 Euros
    • If you cancel 6 weeks or less before the start date you will lose the whole payment
  • The Director of the Training and teaching faculty (not guest teachers) reserve the right to ask any student to leave the programme without refund at any time should they be causing themselves or the group, harm, harassment, or disturbance, not following the institute code.
  • Once the programme has started Silentruth Institute TTC issues no refunds for trainings.
  • Understanding always applies to every situation individually.

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