Our trainings focuses on the dignity of the human being as a whole, the ability to create, the independence that a teacher must have as well and the magical touch to empower his/her students to transform. Our training programs combines the ancient science of somatics, yoga, meditation, fine arts, inner arts, prayer, mindfulness, restorative and healing aspects, and many more.

Personal growth is a constant state that a human being can be while active in his/her life. Our personal development courses intend to support your growth as a loving, compassionate and creative human being. As you practice, listen, watch, or read along, our hope is that you will open your heart, mind, and body to new ways of thinking and being. Courses are open to everyone who wish to explore him/her self and to everyone who wish to deepen your self-awareness.

Weekly classes are offered at Akasha Studio in Nicosia, Cyprus and are open to everyone. Below you will find more info about the classes that are of different style and approach to the body, energy and mind set. You are all welcome to our warm, welcoming and friendly environment of the studio to practice together!

Retreats is an intimate way of deepening inside. It is a unique time spent away from one’s normal life for the purpose of reconnecting through practice, healing and remembrance of who we truly are. Retreats can be recreational or spiritual, either way is a perfect way to unplug form the hectic and noisy life in the city aiming to feel and en-body again our true self.

Circles are gatherings aiming to create a deep connection with the Universal energies to elevate inner state of spirituality through love in a mature way. Circles / Rituals / Gatherings are portals towards inner and outer world, a way to integrate spirituality and divinity into our life. We welcome you to en-body bliss, harmony, love, to release and experience!

Aim of our projects is to communicate to society positivism and happier mood. Offerings or Seva or Prosphora (Προσφορά) is a way to support and give a helping hand in a selfless way to humanity as an expression of love, optimism, oneness. Energy offerings and many more is our way to express our gratitude towards Earth, all beings, Nature and spiritual – human values.

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