This is a special program, designed to accommodate in a pleasant and welcome environment all women at any stage / state of their life. The aim is to reconnect with our feminine aspect through our body, senses, feeling, emotions, reactions, nature, to express and manifest our femininity. Through this Women’s gathering classes of inner practice subtle body awakening, contemplation, relaxation, theory, play and many more, we cultivate the capacity to stay grounded to our holy space, to stay awake and creatively responsive in our lives. All women are welcome to this journey of discovering our unlimited abilities and attributes!
-Dates and schedule find below
-Open to every women 18years old and above.

We are pleased to invite you to these Tao & Tantra workshops, where we will travel to our innermost world! We aim to establish a foundation in Tantric & Taoist Yoga experiential and theoretically.
In these two workshops we will explore, among others, the following: Basic philosophical principles of Tantra, Universal laws on which the system is based, Chakras, energy and sexual energy, Meditation, Duality & Polarity, Pelvic Muscles, Practices, Metamorphosis and many many more. The Tantric path is the beginning of freedom and the mystery through play and exploration. So we invite you to be open to look together!
-Dates and schedule are announced every season.
-Open to individuals a couples.

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