Our Institute at Akasha studio provides weekly classes on yoga, aerial, restorative, prenatal, kids’ all inspired by mind, body, spirit practices aiming to sustain to physical and mental health of individual in daily basis. Weekly classes are open to everyone. Below you will find more info about the classes that are of different style and approach to the body, energy and mind set. You are all welcome to our warm, welcoming and friendly environment of the studio to practice together!

Yoga is an ancient Indian form of exercise with a holistic approach, meaning that it treats a person in its wholeness – mind and body – unlike other forms of exercise. Yoga Classes we provide are of traditional yoga, aligning us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Aerial is a unique hybrid practice that combines traditional yoga poses with strengthening components and fun of aerial arts. It is done on soft fabric trapeze hanging from the ceiling. Aerial Yoga Classes offered at studio are combined with traditional yoga practices and strengthening practices.

Restorative & Adaptive Yoga Classes, are unique and open to everyone who need to release stress, to restore energy and unplug from the hectic lifestyle. A perfect way to become mindful and conscious on our feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Prenatal & Postnatal Classes are designed to offer support physically and emotionally to all women form the first trimester of the pregnancy till the last day. Women right after giving birth they are encouraged through yoga to adjust to the new lifestyle.

Kids’ Classes are designed to offer children ages 5 to 12 a fun and freeing way to begin learning about their body. feelings, thoughts and behavior. Classes have benefits above building strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

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