New Moon Ritual – September 26th 2019

Rituals is a portal connecting inner and outer worlds, a way to integrate spirituality and divinity into our life. This way we en-body transformation of our inner qualities by transfiguring us into our higher self. Microcosm and macrocosm becomes one under the unified energy of Divine Universe.
The new moon – the night of Conscious energy, is a perfect time according to Tantra and many other traditions, to spark new beginnings and set new intentions in your life.
You are all welcome to recharge and transform our energy and set together our new Intentions for the academic year 2019-2020, under this wonderful New moon sacred ritual!

With love,
Marilena Shyama Shakti

~When: 26th of September
~Time: 18:45 – 21:30
~Where: Megalou Konstantinou 18, flat 102
~Registrations: Required via phone call till 23rd of September 2019
~Energy exchange for the space: 11 euros
~Limited spots: 16
~Language: Greek / partially translated to English
~For who: practitioners in yoga, meditation, any other energy or spiritual practice
~Leading & Teaching: Marilena Shyama Shakti

Silentruth – Inner Arts Institute
+357 96603633
Instagram: silentruth_institute

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