Akasha Center

‘Akasha Center, is a space created by Marilena Shyama Shakti since 2010, after teaching and holding courses in Cyprus and Czech Republic since 2003 at Shambhala Center. After years of exploration and experience now it is integrated under a bigger umbrella of the Silentruth Institute. Akasha is our main venue of our trainings, courses, workshops and weekly classes. Galileo once said: “There is nothing we can teach to people, we can only help them discover it within themselves.” This is also her intention: to provide effective tools and methods through inner arts for the development of human potential into the path of self-Transformation and Evolution!’

Akasha / आकाश In the ancient philosophy of India, is a word that means ”Heaven”, ”Space”, or ”ETHER” / आकाश. Ether, which is the fifth element that permeates the universe. In accordance with the philosophy of yoga, is the first material element created by the astral world and its main characteristic is the sound.

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