Marilena Shyama Shakti CYT® is an artist and yoga-tantra-meditation teacher, founder of Silentruth Inner Arts Institute, founder and director of Akasha Center & Open Yoga Day Cyprus initiative.

She studied painting and art history at the Academy of Fine Arts in Czech Republic, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts. During her studies she practice, study and worked with traditional tantric hatha yoga, left & right hand tantra yoga, meditation, laya yoga and other forms of inner arts. She became a yoga instructor at the approved international Resonance Center member of Atman Federation. Later on she got certified by GroovyKids ® and Unnata® Aerial Yoga school and at the same period of time she became an Aerial Yoga Teacher. Due of her love for painting and fine arts in combination with esoterism she study the first level of Vedic Art and she is a practitioner.

The International Yoga Alliance acknowledged her as a MASTER YOGA TEACHER 500hr CYT®. She is also certified Meditation Yoga Teacher 500hr CMT® by the Meditation Alliance International. She has more than 6000hr of teaching experience in yoga and fine arts and more than 6000hr Teacher Trainings in yoga, tantra, esoterism, meditation, mindfulness, color therapy, and more.

She found the Open Yoga Day Cyprus in 2015, an annual pancyprian non-profit event initiative, where yoga lovers, teachers and people all over the island, gather together to celebrate oneness, unity and love! This is her practice of Seva project offering space and time to people to discover the benefits of Yoga, Meditation for a healthier life and society.

She has been teaching yoga since 2003 starting in Prague of Czech Republic and she continue teaching Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Theory and Philosophy and also Tantra in Cyprus at her own center and in Greece since 2006. In 2010 she continue creating Akasha Center, and in 2018 she founded and initiate the Silentruth – Inner Arts Institute, were they offer a range of spiritual activities in a weekly base as also advanced spiritual transnational teacher trainings, continuing education programs and educational courses, retreats and inner arts workshops.

She has written and published articles on yoga and esoterism, in various magazines and as also she has work as a fine art teacher at her own fine art center and on public schools for 8 years. She has conducted seminars in yoga and tantra and fine arts and she has exhibited her art-work in Cyprus and abroad, being continuously an active artist.

As a mother and lover of her most beloved she continue her journey discovering the endless possibilities of one’s soul inside each Silent Moment of life!

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