Silentruth – Inner Arts Institute, its a result of years of trainings, education, observation of life, personal experiential research, love and pain, healing and love! Galileo once said: “There is nothing we can teach to people, we can only help them discover it within themselves.”

Our aim through our accredited & complete trainings and educational programs is to offer a support to each unique individual to evolve to the highest level of their potential and transform. We support this through a deep education and practice on physical, emotional, mental, energy and spiritual level and by doing our best to apply higher values. Trainings are open to everyone who is ready to explore the deepest level of their soul, the visible and invisible inner microcosm that host our Higher Self / Atman and Divine Spirit!

Ancient science of Tantra – Yoga – Meditation – Prayer – Fine Arts – Mindfulness – Energy & Esoteric Practices – Fine Arts – Healing and play, as a core of our trainings, Silentruth Institute focuses on inner revelation of the soul.

Our training programs are directed by Marilena Shyama Shakti, Institute founder and a team of skilled / well educated teachers.

Silent Truth is also the core deeper meaning and aim of us through this journey offered to you and us. We all experience during everyday life moments of Silence in a conscious and unconscious level, while deep inside us are taking place different process of awakening and transformation. Truth is something that is reality or can be proven through any science. The idea of truth, is about understanding the difference between making a judgment through one’s own perception and actual observation of reality or the facts of a situation through growing self-awareness.

With love & silence,

Marilena Shyama Shakti